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Updating your bath and basin fittings has never been easier with our extensive selection of high-quality chains and accessories. Whether you need a bath plug chain, sink plug chain, or a basin plug and chain, our collection offers a variety of styles and finishes to suit your needs.

Replacing bath or basin chains can always seem problematic and is a job you often find yourself putting off. We have put together a range of bath and sink plug chains to make the task less daunting and give you the flexibility to tackle it in your own way, whether you need just a connector such as a Consumer Hook or Triangle, a stay to re-connect the chain to the bath or basin, or a complete assembly where all you need attach is a plug. Shop our range of sink plug chains, bath plug chains and basin plug chains today. Please see also our section on Ball Chain for an alternative style of bath and basin chain.

For those looking to replace a sink chain or a sink plug chain connector, we provide durable options to ensure longevity and reliability. Our range also includes complete sink stopper with chain assemblies, making installation straightforward.

Enhance your bathroom fixtures today with our robust and stylish bath and basin chains. Discover the perfect solution for your home and enjoy the convenience and quality that English Chain Direct is known for. Shop now and experience seamless replacements and installations with our top-rated products.