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Unfinished Chains

Welded Straight Link steel chains have endless uses in the home or workplace - both inside and out - and are stronger than unwelded chains of the same wire size. 

We offer a selection of the most popular sizes in a choice of three protective finishes – zinc plated, hot galvanised and black.  For a definition of these and how to measure chain, please refer to our Chain Buying Guide

All our Welded Straight Link steel chains are made to UK and international standards.  Most importantly, they are commercial chains. Whilst, therefore, each has been quality tested, none is certified for heavy loadbearing purposes and should not be used for overhead lifting, load binding or towing. 

To make selection easier, we have provided a general load guide for each chain. Please refer to the “Maximum Load” information under the Specification tab for each. If you are uncertain as to which chain you need then please contact us for advice.

Our unfinished steel welded chain is a high-quality chain made to UK and International standards. Ideal for a variety of purposes including hanging signs, security, car park demarcation, driveway barriers, garden borders and much more. Links are side welded making the chain stronger durable and more robust. Because the chain is unfinished the chain might have spots of surface rust or have an oily or dirty appearance. Unfinished chain is the most suitable chain for further processing such as welding or other finishing processes. Suitable for engineering, industrial, agricultural and general-purpose applications.

Supplied in a wide array of sizes ranging from 2.5mm to 10mm.

Priced per metre, therefore for example if you order a quantity of 5, you will receive one 5 metre length.

The maximum length we can supply is 30 metres, if ordering more than 30 metres for example 45 metres we will ship one 30m length and one 15m length.

Whilst images are close to actual product sizes, they are for illustrative purposes only.  Please refer to product specifications for dimensions.