Armoured Chainlocks Keyed Alike

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The Armoured Chainlock Keyed Alike is just that - a unique design where both ends of a chain are held together by two heavy duty shackles enclosed by a hardened steel casing providing high resistance to attacks from the likes of hacksaws, boltcutters and levers. 

The Keyed Alike version differs from the standard in that several locks in a set have the same key code, allowing the same key to open them all.  This is particularly convenient in any environment where a number of padlocks are to be used by the same individual or group of people. 

For individual security the standard Armoured Chainlock is required.

Features include:-

  • Hardened steel casing
  • Hardened steel shackles
  • Anti-pull shackle heads
  • Anti-drill guard
  • Easy to use
  • For use with chain links 8-10mm thick

Used in combination with high quality security chains such as Superquad this lock is popular for heavy duty security applications such as for motorcycles, agricultural and plant hire equipment.

Unique, compact design especially for use with high quality security chains.  The thick hardened steel casing gives resistance to hascksaws, boltcutters and levers. 

With high quality security chains these locks are very popular for heavy duty applications such as motorcycles, agricultural and plant hire equipment security.

Keyed Alike padlocks all use the same key and are therefore identical, allowing there to be several keyholders at any one time. 

If you require bulk quantities please contact us for a price and availability.  Prices include VAT.

Specifications for all sizes are listed below.

Product information:

Product code 50309CC
Specification Hardened steel shackles and casing, anti-pull shackle heads, 6/7 pin cylinder mechanism, anti-drill guard.
Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
Body Width 60mm
Body Height 45mm
Body Thickness 38mm
Security Level Heavy Duty

If you require bulk quantities please contact us for a price and availability.  Prices include VAT.

Armoured Chainlocks Keyed Alikeeach